New at Matan! Disc Archive Matan Shiurim from Previous Years

You can hear last year's Matan courses on a disc.

| Each course is 150 NIS |


  • Parshat HaShavua | Rabbi Ari Kahn
  • Learn and Tour Course in Trei Asar: “And I raised up your sons for prophets | Shani Taragin & Dr. Yael Ziegler
  • Megillat Taanit and Jewish Chronology: The Moral and Spiritual Lessons of Rabbinic Historiography | Rabbi Dr. Yitzchok Breitowitz
  • From King David to the Davidic Dynasty | Dr. Yael Ziegler
  • The Book of Sh'Mot - From  Mitzrayim to Mishkan;  From Slavery to Servitude | Shani Taragin
  • From Adolescence to Maturity in Sefer B'Midbar | Atara Snowbell


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