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Bellows Eshkolot

The Matan Bellows Eshkolot Educators Institute for Tanakh and Jewish Studies is designed both for women starting their careers in Jewish education and for experienced teachers who want to enrich their Tanakh knowledge and sharpen their pedagogic skills. There are two program tracks – the Israel track is based at Matan Jerusalem and the Professional Development track is Zoom-based for experienced day school teachers in North America and beyond.

The Eshkolot fellows are trained in advanced pedagogic methodology, enabling them to teach in formal and informal settings, in a way that is challenging, relevant and inspiring. Courses are taught by the highest caliber scholars who are recognized in the fields of Tanakh, Jewish Studies and Pedagogy. Eshkolot graduates are master teachers and leaders in Jewish schools and institutions of higher learning around the Jewish world, building and strengthening the next Jewish generations.

Track 1: Israel Fellowship

Our flagship program located is Matan Jerusalem. Classes are held in person on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9am-5:00pm.

The Israel Fellowship offers a limited number of financial aid grants of up to 7,200NIS per year for outstanding candidates. Priority for grants is given to students who commit to teach for a minimum of two years upon completion of the program. The Eshkolot Israel curriculum includes courses in Tanakh and Parshanut, Jewish Thought and Education.

While studying in Eshkolot, students have the option to pursue a Master’s Degree in Jewish Education and to receive credit for a portion of their Eshkolot courses.

The Eshkolot Israel Fellowship is currently accepting applications for its eighth cohort 2023-2024. Apply today!

Apply Here | For more information – eshkolot@matan.org.il

Track 2: Professional Development Fellowship

This track was specifically designed for the North American educator who is looking to deepen her Tanakh knowledge and broaden her pedagogical methods. With classes for two hours each Sunday, this fellowship is perfect for the busy educator who already has classroom experience. The fellowship includes a travel stipend for a ten day advanced Tanakh training seminar in Matan Jerusalem in 2023 (covid permitting).

Graduates of Eshkolot are sought after by Jewish schools in North America, and are highly regarded in the institutions where they teach. Eshkolot has raised the bar and set a new standard of excellence for Tanakh and Jewish Studies teachers.

Limited tuition scholarships are available for eligible candidates.

The Eshkolot Professional Development Fellowship is currently accepting applications for its fifth cohort 2023-2024. Apply today!

Apply Here | For more information – eshkolotpd@matan.org.il



Principal’s recommendation

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10-month program
1-3 days a week

Bachelor's Degree and prior Tanakh knowledge

Matan Jerusalem

Rashbag 30, Jerusalem

Tuition scholarships availabe for suitable candidates: financial grants of up to 7,200 NIS, travel stipends of up to $1500