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A program for the advanced study of Halakha

Hilkhata is the Advanced Institute for Halakhic Studies at Matan Jerusalem (classes are in Hebrew).

The first group of scholars are completing this 5 year program in the summer of 2018 and will become certified Meshivot Halakha.

Over the past five years, these stellar women, Talmidot Chachamot, have engaged in intensive in-depth study of wide-ranging Halakhic areas including:  Kashrut, Shabbat and Yom Tov, marital relations, and aveilut (mourning). They have acquired vital and extensive skills in Halakha and Pesika (laws governing Halakhic decision making).  In addition, they have learned how to compose and craft Halakhic responses through comprehensive knowledge of the methodology and processes required for Pesika.

The fifth year of Hilkhata focused on writing Halakhic responses on varied topics. In their teshuvot (responses), the students analyzed earlier Rabbinic responsa in order to reach Halakhic decisions by means of practical application of these rulings and contemporary analysis of the subjects and issues.

Each year, students take rigorous exams, mediated by leading Halakhic authorities (poskim). In addition, they are required to pass a final examination before receiving their certification from Matan.

Many of the scholars in the program already hold positions of note in academic institutions and communities. They are writing responses and serving as Halakhic Advisors (Yoatzot Halakha) and Advocates (Toanot Halakha). They are lecturers in Halakha and Gemara, and inspiring and influential educators.

As certified Meshivot Halakha, the graduates have many professional opportunities open to them; they have the potential to become the go-to address for Halakhic questions on a variety of topics and to serve as Torah and spiritual leaders in their communities.

Admission: Those interested in the program should send their CV to sprecherr@gmail.com  Please write “Candidate for Hilkhata” in the subject line.

Qualified applicants will be invited to a personal interview. 

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Attendance is required on Sundays and Tuesdays and students choose a third day of study. Hilkhata is a five-year program.

The program is aimed at scholarly women with extensive background in Talmud and Halakha.

Matan Jerusalem

Rashbag 30, Jerusalem

Tuition costs are subsidized and scholarships are available for suitable candidates