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Educating Educators in Leadership & Learning

Matan & World Mizrachi have partnered to offer a new program for women educators focusing on:

  • Teaching Torah Sheb’al Peh – Gemara and Halakha
  • Teaching Machshevet Yisrael – Jewish Thought

Learn Talmud and Mishna with new educational methodologies to incorporate in the classroom
Study Halakha and create curricula that will teach and inspire Jewish living in school and beyond
Study the foundations of Jewish Thought and how to impart them to students
Stipends available for eligible participants

Accreditation in conjunction with Matan Eshkolot & Mizrachi Shalhevet Programs

For Application – Click Here

For more information:
ravbinyamin@mizrachi.org | staragin@gmail.com

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Matan Jerusalem

Rashbag 30, Jerusalem

Price: Stipends available for eligible participants