Pre Yom Kippur Learning – Chashmonaim

In Memory of Laura Friedman z”l חיה פעשא ב ת בצלאל הלוי ובריינא ע” ה
May 23, 1948 – September 28, 2020 י״ד אייר התש״ח – י׳ תשרי התשפ״א

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Registration, coffee & cake
8:30 am
Finding My Way to Hashem: An exploration of Tehillim 27 ( לדוד ה' אורי )
Rabbanit Lea Herzog
8:40 am
will speak in memory of his wife,our dear friend ,Laura z"l who studied in Matan over the course of the last several years
Allan Friedman
9:45 am
A mother’s prayer
Rabbanit Batya Krauss
10:10 am
'To be or not to be’: Intonations of death in the liturgy and it’s meaning
Tanya White
11:20 am
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Tuesday | September 14
8:30 am

Matan Chashmonaim

In memory of Sam and Agi Sturm
Beit Knesset HaRimon
Rimon St. Chashmonaim