Rabbi Fohrman in Raanana

The Hidden Meaning of "Eishet Chayil"

40 NIS/person

25 NIS Special rate for students, sheirut and soldiers at the door

Read more צמצם טקסט
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Wednesday | August 7
at 20:00

Matan HaSharon

The Mindy Greenberg Institute
4 HaPalmach, Raanana

Price: 40 ILS
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Matan HaSharon

Preparing for the New Year

With Morah L'Halakha Sarah Golubtchik

Matan HaSharon

Elul at Matan HaSharon 2019

אֶת פָּנֶיךָ ה’ אֲבַקֵּשׁ

Matan HaSharon