Beit Midrash Programs

Chevruta study and Classes

The Beit Midrash programs are designed for women who want to study Tanakh, Gemara, Halakha and Philosophy thoroughly and in-depth.  There are yearlong and multiyear Beit Midrash programs characterized by a deep commitment to tradition and Halakha alongside intellectual honesty and openness to academic research.  Studies take place in small, select groups, with a dialogue between the students and the lecturers and an emphasis on chavruta (paired) study and personal contact.  Matan’s Beit Midrash is educating women who are leaders in the fields of Tanakh, Talmud, Jewish and academic studies.  The Beit Midrash serves as the foundation for the growth of women leaders who are sensitive to the needs of society and scholars and lovers of Torah.


Torah scholars, writing books of Tanakh, Talmud, Halakha and Jewish Thought


A five year advanced institute for Halakhic Studies at Matan in Jerusalem.
Matan Jerusalem

Bellows Eshkolot Educators Institute

The Bellows Eshkolot Professional Development Fellowship is an 8-month, master level program training female Jewish educators to become expert teachers and leaders in Jewish schools in the Diaspora. The Fellowship is for experienced teachers who want to enrich their knowledge and sharpen their skills.

Morot L’Halakha

Advanced Halakha Program
Matan HaSharon


Educating Educators in Leadership & Learning
Matan Jerusalem


One day of high level Gemara learning
Matan Jerusalem


A year of learning Tanakh, Chassidut and Jewish Thought.
Matan Jerusalem


A year of thorough and in-depth study of Talmud, Mishna and Halakha.
Matan Jerusalem