Beit Midrash for the Creative Arts

“Know G-d in all your ways” “בכל דרכיך דעהו”

Gavna, the Beit Midrash for the Creative Arts was established in the belief that there are many different ways to serve God and that the creative arts can be a precious tool that benefit both body and soul.  Gavna’s classes create a sacred space for those who are seeking multiple modes of expression in a Torah atmosphere.

Gavna Ensemble gives expression to the voice of the religious woman through music, dance and drama. The Gavna choir is an outgrowth of the women’s Beit Midrash at Matan HaSharon in Raanana, born from the desire of Jewish women to connect to God and their inner selves through creative expression based on the belief that you should “Know God in all your ways”.

For information and to arrange performances contact:  Oshra – 052-5974351