Episode 123- Parshat Ki Tetzei: Honor and Shame - Matan - The Sadie Rennert

Sunday | August 20, 2023

Episode 123- Parshat Ki Tetzei: Honor and Shame

Rivi Frankel with Yael Leibowitz

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This episode is dedicated by Aviva Aspler Drazin in memory of her father, יוסף יהושע בן אברהם שלום ורבקה on his first yarzheit,

In this conversation with Yael Leibowitz we give context and meaning to commandments that are challenging to a modern reader, through the discussion of ancient codes of shame and honor.

Our series on Devarim is titled, Dor Hemshech: Messages for a lifetime. Each episode explores Moshe’s educational message for the Jewish people as they prepare to enter the land of Israel. Our week’s guests are women who themselves have learned at Matan and are now passing these educational messages to next generation of Torah students.

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