Episode 136 - Parshat Toldot: The Roots of a Ruse - Matan - The Sadie Rennert

Sunday | November 12, 2023

Episode 136 – Parshat Toldot: The Roots of a Ruse

Dr. Yosefa (Fogel) Wruble with Rabbanit Anne Gordon

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This conversation with educator and podcast host Rabbanit Anne Gordon, explores Yaakov’s foundational motivations for stealing Esav’s blessing and whether he even needed to at all.

This Bereshit series is titled Choseness and Choices.  The book of Bereshit is propelled forward by God’s chosen representatives: Adam, Kayin, Noach, Avraham, Yitzchak, Yaakov, but these messengers impact the world because of the choices they make.  It is the nexus between being chosen and the human choices that actualize the divine will in the world that is explored in this series.

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