Episode 80 - Parshat Noach: Family As the Foundation of Civilization - Matan - The Sadie Rennert

Monday | October 24, 2022

Episode 80 – Parshat Noach: Family As the Foundation of Civilization

Dr. Yosefa (Fogel) Wruble with Rabbi Professor Samuel Lebens

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In this conversation with rabbi and philosophy professor Dr. Sam Lebens, we speak about how the parsha presents family as the basis of civilization through study of the Babel narrative in Bereshit 11.

Our episodes on the book of Bereshit focus on family and interpersonal dynamics. These conversations are candid, insightful, and respectful. We aim not to psychoanalyze the bibical fogures, but to learn from them as we stuble through our own beautifully messy lives.

This week’s episode is dedicated in memory of Elisheva Frist, beloved daughter, sister, aunt and friend who we tragically lost a few weeks ago. Elisheva was an unbelievably creative, kind, smart, balanced, and principled person who in her quiet way moved and touched the lives of so many. Her passing is an unfathomable loss and I pray that her family and friends will be able to find meaningful ways to carry her with them in the face of her physical absence.

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