Episode 92 - Parshat Vaera: The Purposes of the Plagues - Matan - The Sadie Rennert

Sunday | January 15, 2023

Episode 92 – Parshat Vaera: The Purposes of the Plagues

Dr. Yosefa (Fogel) Wruble with Dr. Yael Ziegler

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In this conversation with Dr. Yael Ziegler, we explore the Egyptian legacies God wanted the nation to leave behind and the function of the plagues as punitive punishment and as a powerful educational tool.

Our podcast series on Shemot focuses on Identity and Nationality Formation.  We’re going to try and address the big biblical themes of slavery, redemption, society building, and commitment to a binding code of law as well as explore together with our guests how we can anchor these big ideas in our modern lives.

This week’s episode has been dedicated by Sharon Hirsch and Ellan Levinson and their families in memory of their mother Joyce Frank,

חיה רחל בת צבי ופסיה

On the occasion of her second yartzeit on the 4th of shevat.  She is missed by her children, grandchildren and 26 great grandchildren.

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