Episode 94 - Parshat Beshalach: The Power of Transition - Matan - The Sadie Rennert

Sunday | January 29, 2023

Episode 94 – Parshat Beshalach: The Power of Transition

Dr. (Yosefa) Fogel Wruble with Rachel Sharansky Danziger

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In this illuminating conversation with Matan Lecturer Rachel Sharansky Danziger, we discuss why Israel’s crossing of the sea was in some ways more monumental for the nation than the exodus itself.

This week’s episode has been dedicated in memory of Cantor Jacob Rosenbaum-Yakov Tzvi Ben Dovid- by his granddaughter Dara Goldschmidt. He is remembered as being intentional about his grand parenting, instilling in his grandchildren a love for Israel as well as using his cantorial skills to teach them songs that continue to play in their mind and hearts.

Our podcast series on Shemot focuses on Identity and Nationality Formation.  We’re going to try and address the big biblical themes of slavery, redemption, society building, and commitment to a binding code of law as well as explore together with our guests how we can anchor these big ideas in our modern lives.

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