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Sunday | April 25, 2021

Learn & Tour

Dr. Yosefa (Fogel) Wruble with Shulie Mishkin

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In this fun, personable, and honest conversation, seasoned tour guide Shulie Mishkin speaks about her professional life (in corona and non-corona times), raising an observant family in a post-modern age, and the dynamic relationship between Torah and the land of Israel.

Note: This episode was recorded at the end of Israel’s third lockdown, and this is reflected at several points in the conversation.

Shulie Mishkin is a licensed tour guide who in normal times guides all ages all over Israel and gives tour and text courses at Matan and other institutions. She is currently focusing on virtual tours, bringing Israel to the world and the world to Israel. She was a Matan Beit Midrash Scholar in 1993-94.

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