Episode 36 - Parshat Shemot: Cassuto and the Exodus in its Ancient Egyptian Context - Matan - The Sadie Rennert

Wednesday | December 22, 2021

Episode 36 – Parshat Shemot: Cassuto and the Exodus in its Ancient Egyptian Context

Dr. Yosefa (Fogel) Wruble with Shulie Mishkin

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Welcome to a new season of One on One!

In the coming months, we will be releasing a 30-minute conversation on each week’s parsha. Each week a new guest will converse with our host, Dr. Yosefa (Fogel) Wruble about a figure–ancient, pre-modern, contemporary–who has written an idea that sheds new light on our weekly portions.

In this fascinating conversation between Dr. Yosefa (Fogel) Wruble and seasoned Matan tour guide Shulie Mishkin, they discuss some significant messages of the Exodus story only understandable in light of ancient Egyptian culture. R. Moshe David Cassuto is the figure showcased in the episode.

Show Notes:

Josh Berman’s article on Mosaic, “Was There an Exodus?”

Was There an Exodus?

On this page you can find a link to his book Ani Maámin and a link to a podcast episode in which he discusses this essay.

For Amnon Bazak’s Book on biblical academi and Torah (ad hayom hazeh):

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