Episode 69 - Parshat V'etchanan: Rav Hirsch and the Sinai Experience - Matan - The Sadie Rennert

Monday | August 8, 2022

Episode 69 – Parshat V’etchanan: Rav Hirsch and the Sinai Experience

Dr. Yosefa (Fogel) Wruble with Yoetztet Halacha Atara Eis

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In this searching conversation with Yoetztet Halacha Atara Eis, we speak about Rav S. R. Hirsch’s bold commentary on the fourth chapter of Devarim and its relevance for observant lives today.

This week’s episode has been dedicated in memory of Esther Yocheved bat Chaya Leah and Gershon’ z”l by her daughter, Elisheva Horowitz, to mark her 7th yahrzeit (11th of Av).

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