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Courses At Matan 2023

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Classes will begin on Sunday | 23.10.23

Classes will be taught in hybrid fashion (unless otherwise specified) – in person and on zoom – you will be able to decide how to participate based on what works best for you.

Classes will be recorded and available for viewing. Open to women and men

Would you like to receive recordings from last year for 300 NIS? For more information call us at


Course Discounts

Matan offers courses on a variety of topics.
If you register for more than one course you will receive a significant discount on the additional course(s).
The cost of one annual course is 910 NIS.
A second course will cost 840 NIS.
A third course will cost 600 NIS.
And if you’d like to register for four courses or more, the cost of each additional course will only be 500 NIS.
If you prefer to register for a single semester, the cost will be 500 NIS.
If you completed national service or the army in 2021, there will be a 25% discount on all courses.