Between Utopia and Reality: The Shemittah Year in Jewish Thought and Practice


Rabbi Eitan Ben David

Subject: Shemittah Lesson Yearlong

Dates and Days: Tuesday
ד’ בחשוון תשפ"ב - י"ז בסיוון תשפ"ב
16.06.2022 - 10.10.2021

Hours: 13:00 - 11:45

Where:Combined -Zoom AndFrontal InMatan HaSharon

Price: 910 NIS

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More about the course

This course will provide practical guidelines for observing the laws of the Shemittah year in one’s home, garden and the public square. Through this journey into the world of Shemittah, we will examine the tension between the Torah’s idyllic vision of Shemittah and its practical implementation today.

This course will provide a foundation in Mitzvot Hateluyot Ba’aretz and cover contemporary topics such as the Pruzbol and Rabbinic authority, the history and politics of Heter Mechira, Jewish perspectives on economic disparity and social justice, Jewish environmental values, and the very real challenges of living in the age of redemption.


About The Teacher Rabbi Eitan Ben David

is the Rabbi of Kehillat Shivtei Yisrael. Rav Ben David served in several rabbinic posts including in Lincoln Square Synagogue, the Yeshiva of Cape Town, SAR High School, and West Side Sephardic Synagogue.

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