Character Development through the weekly Parsha


Gina Junger

Subject: Parshat HaShavuah Yearlong Course

Dates and Days: Monday
ג' בחשוון תשפ"ה -ל' בסיוון תשפ"ה
11.04.2024 - 06.26.2025

Time: 09:00 - 10:00

Where: Hybrid course -Zoom And In-person At Matan HaSharon - 4 HaPalmach, Raanana

Price: 980 NIS

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Course Description

Bereishit Rabba 44    Rav said: The commandments were only given to refine man through them.  The Rambam in Moreh Nevukhim writes that the mitzvot educate man,  and  guide the perfection of his moral character. In this course we will explore character traits and behaviors for self-improvement , using the weekly Parsha as our guide . We will study the “midot” of chesed, humility,  zerizut, anger, and others with an emphasis on the practical relevance to our life. Text based learning that requires a fusion of intellect and heart.

Lecturer: Gina Junger

About the Educator Gina Junger

made Aliya from the U.S. in 1983. She studied at Bar Ilan University. Gina has been involved in adult education since 1988 and for the past 22 years she has been lecturing in Jewish studies at Matan. She is currently giving Torah classes in the Ra'anana and Netanya branches of Matan.

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