Helpmates, Harlots, Heroines and Halakhists: Biblical Women and Their Midrashic Afterlives


Yael Leibowitz

Yearlong Course

Dates and Days: Tuesday
כ"ח בתשרי תשפ"ג -כ"ו בסיון תשפ"ג
10.23.2022 - 06.15.2023

Time: 10:45 - 11:45

Where: Hybrid course -Zoom And In-person At Matan HaSharon - 4 HaPalmach, Raanana

Price: 910 NIS

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Course Description

Through the stories of women in Tanakh, we will begin to understand how the Tanakh, in contrast to the patriarchal context of the Ancient Near East in which it was produced, advocated a gender-neutral world- one in which women were respected, influential trailblazers. By looking at some of the midrashim about those very women, we will also begin to understand how their characters evolved over time, and the historical conditions that led to those changes.

About the Educator Yael Leibowitz

has her M.A. in Judaic Studies from Columbia University. Prior to making Aliyah, Yael taught Tanakh in the Upper School of Ramaz, and then went on to join the Judaic Studies faculty at Yeshiva University’s Stern College for Women. She has taught Continuing Education courses at Drisha Institute for Jewish Education and served as Resident Scholar at the Jewish Center of Manhattan. She is currently teaching at Matan and Pardes as she continues her studies at Bar Ilan.

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