Tehillim: Man in Search of God


Dr. Chana Tannenbaum

Semester Course

Dates and Days: Tuesday
כ"ג בשבט תשפ"ג -כ"ו בסיון תשפ"ג
02.14.2023 - 06.15.2023

Time: 12:00 - 13:00

Where: Hybrid course -Zoom And In-person At Matan HaSharon - 4 HaPalmach, Raanana

Price: 500 NIS

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Course Description

If Tanakh is largely God’s communication to humanity, whether through Moshe and the other prophets or directly to those who study it, Tehillim (Psalms) is unique in that it presents human’s communication with God. This year, we will study the psalms, some familiar, some less so, where mankind praises, cries, seeks, mourns, sings, and shares with God the worldly experiences of being human.

About the Educator Dr. Chana Tannenbaum

has been a sought after Jewish educator for over thirty years. She was the recipient of the Baumel award as the most outstanding faculty member at Yeshiva University where she earned her doctorate in Jewish Education and Administration. Since making aliyah with her family in 1997 to Nof Ayalon, she has taught in Bar Ilan University, Michlelet Herzog and Matan.

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