Temple studies: Mikdash and Meaning - Jerusalem


Yael Leibowitz

Subject: Tanakh Lesson Till Pesach

Dates and Days: Wednesday
ד’ בחשוון תשפ"ב - כ"ח באדר ב' תשפ"ב
31.03.2022 - 10.10.2021

Hours: 11:35 - 10:20

Where:Frontal InMatan Jerusalem

Price: 790 NIS

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More about the course

This course will look at the institution of the temple in Ancient Israel, and it’s evolution from its inception, through its final destruction in the First Century C.E. We will look at the the symbolism and significance of the temple in the development of Jewish thought, and the central place it holds in our modern collective imagination.

About The Teacher Yael Leibowitz

has her M.A. in Judaic Studies from Columbia University. Prior to making Aliyah, Yael taught Tanakh in the Upper School of Ramaz, and then went on to join the Judaic Studies faculty at Yeshiva University’s Stern College for Women. She has taught Continuing Education courses at Drisha Institute for Jewish Education and served as Resident Scholar at the Jewish Center of Manhattan. She is currently teaching at Matan and Pardes as she continues her studies at Bar Ilan.

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