"Uncovering Her-Story"- a Close Reading of the Sister & Daughter Narratives in the Torah


Dr. Lisa Fredman

Subject: Tanakh Semester Course

Dates and Days: Thursday
כ"ה בשבט תשפ"ג -כ"ו בסיון תשפ"ג
02.16.2023 - 06.15.2023

Time: 09:00 - 10:10

Where: Hybrid course -Zoom And In-person At Matan Beit Shemesh - Beit Knesset Netzach Menashe
18 Reuven St. Beit Shemesh

Price: 500 NIS

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Course Description

 We will investigate the stories in the Torah which focus upon the “daughter” and “sister” relationships, paying careful attention to words and phrases. Our understanding of these narratives will be enhanced through the study of both Medieval and Modern Commentaries; all in an attempt to better comprehend and appreciate these women’s thoughts and actions, cognizant of the time period and milieu, in which they lived.

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