What Does It Really Mean? Midrash as a Window on Tanakh


Simi Peters

Subject: Midrash Yearlong Course

Dates and Days: Thursday
ד’ בחשוון תשפ"ב - י"ז בסיוון תשפ"ב
10.10.2021 - 06.16.2022

Time: 10:20 - 11:35

Where: Zoom

Price: 500 NIS

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Course Description

In this course, we will explore what Midrash is and how it works, through close reading of midrashic texts from different genres, including parables, midrashic stories, and midrashim which draw comparisons between different biblical texts.  Among the questions we will address are:  Is there a method to Midrash?  Is Midrash fact or fiction?  How has Midrash shaped the collective Jewish mind?

About the Educator Simi Peters

Simi Peters teaches Tanakh, Midrash, and Parshanut (Biblical Exegesis) at Nishmat and Matan in Jerusalem, as well as lecturing on these topics internationally. The author of Learning to Read Midrash (Urim Publications), Simi has been involved in adult Jewish education, educational consulting, and teacher education since making aliya 40 years ago. She specializes in providing access to a wide variety of classic Jewish texts for students at all levels of Jewish literacy and experience. Simi has a Master’s Degree in Linguistics from the Graduate Center of CUNY, and is an alumna of the prestigious Jerusalem Fellows program.

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