Dr. Dodi Fishman Tobin           , Dean of Students

Dr. Dodi Tobin

The Dean of Students of Matan's Bellows Eshkolot Educators Institute for Tanakh and Jewish Studies, and the coordinator of the Matan Advanced Tanakh Summer Institute. Dodi earned a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Fairleigh Dickinson University, an M.A. in Bible from Bar Ilan University, a B.A. in Psychology from Barnard College, and is a graduate of Matan’s Master’s Program in Bible and Biblical Exegesis.

Leah Maimonie

has a B.A. in Speech Therapy from Tel Aviv University and an M.A. in Educational Counseling from the University of Alabama in conjunction with Michlelet Orot.  She is a graduate of the Matmidot program at Matan HaSharon.  Leah teaches Midrash at Matan HaSharon and is the coordinator of activities in the Gavna studio and for the Matan Bat Mitzvah program throughout Israel.  She is a founder of a website which features content, materials and activities designed around the calendar (

Melissa Rayman

has been involved in formal and informal Jewish education for both adults and children for over 20 years. She has a degree in computer science from Stern College and certification from the Dyslexia Training Institute. After teaching Judaic studies at Shevach High School and at the Rosenbaum Yeshiva of North Jersey, Melissa and her family made aliyah to Bet Shemesh, where she is the Director of Matan Bet Shemesh, teaches children with dyslexia and leads a very popular Tanakh chabura at Congregation Nofei Hashemesh.

Rabbanit Malke Bina

is the founder and chancellor of Matan: the Sadie Rennert Women's Institute for Torah Studies. Matan's creation in 1988 pioneered women's learning institutions in Israel and abroad. In her role as teacher of Talmud and Jewish law, and advocate and builder of Advanced Torah Scholarship programs for women, Rabbanit Bina has given thousands of women the opportunity and joy of high level Gemara learning and Tanakh classes.  Rabbanit Bina has received a number of distinguished awards in recognition of her influential work in advanced Jewish studies for women. Malke and her husband Rav Aharon Bina, Rosh Yeshiva of Netiv Aryeh, have five children and many grandchildren.

Rabbanit Oshra Koren

is the founder, director and a lecturer at Matan HaSharon and creator of Matan’s International Mother-Daughter Bat Mitzvah program. She has a B.A. in Machsevet Yisrael and Hebrew Literature from the Hebrew University and is a graduate of the Matmidot program in Matan Jerusalem.  Rabbanit Koren runs the Gavna choir.

Rebecca Linzer

has a B.Sc. in Biology from Barnard College and an M.Sc in Genetics from Rutgers University. She studied at Orot College in Israel and Drisha in New York. She is a graduate of the Morot L’Halakha program at Matan HaSharon. She teaches Talmud and Development of Halakha at Matan HaSharon and in Oranit. She is the International Coordinator for the Matan Mother-Daughter Bat Mitzvah Program and the administrator of the Beit Midrash Programs at Matan HaSharon. She has a website that helps parents add Jewish learning to the family table

Shulamit Shimon (Katz)

is a lawyer (LLB), and a proud mother and grandmother.  She works as a lawyer and mediator.  Formerly she was a legal advisor for the municipality of Rehovot.  Shulamit has been a student at Matan HaSharon for nine years and is a member of the board of Reut.  She is a volunteer in the nonprofit Paamonim and the Rehovot Municipal Mediation Center.  She believes in the power and right of every woman to be educated and independent and to use her skills to further self-growth and contribute to the world around her.

Sue Gelber

has a B.A. in History and Political Science from CCNY, the Teacher’s Institue of Yeshiva University and an M.A. in Library Science with a specialty in medical sciences from Columbia University.  She is a graduate of the Matmidot program in Matan HaSharon. Sue is the Administrative Director and a lecturer at Matan HaSharon.

Tamar Roth

is head of the Matan Hashmonaim Beit Midrash. She has a B.A. and M.A. in Jewish History from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and is an instructor nationally, supervising the teaching of civics for the Ministry of Education. She is a lecturer at Efrata in the department for the retraining of academics.

Tamara Caplin

(née Baum) deepened her love of Torah study at Shaalvim for Women seminary in Jerusalem (07/08) and then returned to London to study Speech and Language Therapy. Whilst studying, and later working, Tamara was involved in establishing “The Midrasha” providing shiurim for women of all ages in North West London. In September 2016 Tamara and her husband Josh and their two daughters made Aliyah to Modiin. Tamara is now working as a speech therapist and as coordinator for Matan Modiin.

Tzippy Ramati

has a B.A. in informal education and educational administration and an M.A. in Talmud from Bar Ilan University. She is a guide for groups travelling to Poland and the Ukraine. Tzippy is the coordinator of the Matan Bat Mitzvah program in Israel and she is a lecturer and group facilitator. She is the marketing manager and coordinator of educational programs at Matan HaSharon