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Terms of Agreement
The cost for learning is $130 dollars or 420 Shekels.
There are no refunds for cancelled subscriptions. However, subscriptions can be frozen and unfrozen when the participants wishes to continue. Alternatively, the payment can be considered a donation to Matan.
Members of the same nuclear family (parents, children, and siblings) may learn under one subscription.
Chevrutotincluding cousins, friends, etc.must pay individually. There are no joint subscriptions.
A yearly registration includes access to the books being learned this year only. Access will not be granted to the archives of previous years.
The learning guides are for personal use only! They may not be photocopied as source sheets, forwarded to other people, or sold in any manner.
If you would like to use this program in a group or congregational setting, the program can be purchased at a different price standard meant for group/communal learning.

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